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CUBE T8 Ultimate 4G, 3G планшет MTK8783, 8 ядер, 1300 мГц,

экран 8`, Full HD 1920 * 1200, Аndroid 5.1, 2 ГБ , 16 ГБ Rom, GPS, OTG, 3800mAh

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Black & Decker 24 Weekend - Projects for Pets: Dog Houses, Cat Trees, Rabbit Hutches & More  


Most pet owners keep at least two different types of animals-dogs and cats are the most common pairings-and a surprisingly large number keep even more animals. Domestic birds; pet rabbits, mice and other rodents; ferrets, snakes, turtles-some people may even raise a goat or potbellied pig or two. On top of this, most lovers of domestic pets are also are enthusiastic supporters of wildlife. feeding birds and squirrels all winter long, or creating shelters for butterflies, toads, and even bats.
This book provides nearly two dozen ingenious and fun do-it-yourself projects for anyone who loves animals of all types-from lowly bugs to aristocratic purebred show pets. This is a perfect
book for parents or grandparents introducing children to the wonders of raising pets and observing wildlife.


| PDF | 161 pages | 58 Mb





Build Toy Airplanes Full Size  


You’ll enjoy building your own fleet of airplanes with this book of 10 airplanes wood toy plans. Build Toy Airplanes - full-color book features 10 exciting, original and easy to build modern toy airplane designs. All you need is common lumber and dowels, basic woodworking tools, a little time and some sandpaper and you’re ready to get started. Finishing tips include adding a soft radius to each edge, painting each airplane with non-toxic paints or stains then applying several coats of clear non-toxic polyurethane enamel. You’ll love the laughs and giggles from kids and adults when they see your latest creations


| PDF | 56 pages | 11 Mb





Making Wood Signs by Patrick Spielman 


With more than 250,000 copies sold, this is the must-have manual for anyone who wants to make wood signs. Top woodworking author Patrick Spielman shares his expertise on all aspects of the craft, and hundreds of color photographs present the required techniques. “Very excellent, well-illustrated book. Will tell you all you need to know about how to make interesting and attractive signs.”—The Mallet


| PDF | 213 pages | 23 Mb





Pyrography Workbook - A Complete Guide to the Art of Woodburning  


Woodworkers interested in woodburning will build their skill level through these three step-by-step projects for beginner, intermediate, and advanced burners. They will learn how to prepare wood surfaces before burning, how to transfer a design or pattern, and how to select materials for burning, coloring, and finishing a project. Methods for burning onto wood, leather, paper, bark, and antlers are detailed alongside ample pictures of pyrography on the various materials that will inspire novice woodburners. Numerous techniques are also discussed, including solar, negative, relief, engraving, torch, and hot wire. The most difficult area for burners—how to realistically create animal fur, feathers, and eyes—is addressed.


| PDF | 138 pages | 35 Mb





Scroll Saw Military Designs_Patterns for All Branches of the U.S. Military


Handsome multilevel plaques honoring all branches of the U.S. military can be made from the 30 full-size patterns included in this guide. Alphabet and number patterns are provided so that each plaque can be made specific to a particular unit and to a particular war—from WWI through Desert Storm. There are also several POW-MIA scrollsaw designs.


| PDF | 61 pages | 52 Mb





Scroll Saw Portraits from the Wild West: Over 50 Patterns for Native Americans, Cowboys, and Buffalo  


From cowboys and gunslingers to native American headdresses and dream catchers, woodworkers designing projects with a western flair will delight in these patterns. A photo gallery of finished projects showcases these vibrant patterns, which include bull riders, calf ropers, buffalo, coyotes, and desert landscapes. Also included are basic cutting instructions and border design patterns such as tomahawks, guns, ropes, boots, and bows and arrows.


| PDF | 67pages | 16 Mb





Scroll Saw Relief Projects by Marilyn Carmin  


Scroll saw artists, with the help of the break through techniques described in this guide, can create 3D landscapes and portraits that look stunningly realistic. The basic techniques are thoroughly described, and dozens of examples are illustrated and patterned. Even novice woodworkers can, with the help of this guide, produce remarkable objects, and experienced craftsmen will be able to add a new dimension to their work.


| PDF | 107 pages | 53 Mb




Scroll Saw Scandinavian Patterns & Projects  


Combining turn-of-the-century fretwork patterns with original, contemporary pieces, these decorative and functional projects are created with Scandinavian simplicity. Unlike other collections, this volume offers 3-dimensional, usable projects-not flat cutouts. Make scroll saw mirrors, clocks, candle holders, snap-together boxes, vases, earrings, puzzles, and more.


| PDF | 201 pages | 115 Mb




Sculpted Band Saw Boxes- Design, Inspiration, Construction


Making band saw boxes allows woodworkers creativity that just can't be found in other types of woodworking. Of the band-saw box builders working today, few can claim the sculpted artistry of Lois Ventura's work.
With Sculpted Band Saw Boxes you'll find step-by-step instructions for nine new designs,
patterns for another 20 band saw box projects, plus a stunning gallery of Ventura's boxes guaranteed to inspire you to stretch your creative muscles and create your own original box designs.


| PDF | 121 pages | 25 Mb





Wood Magazine - Scrollsaw Patterns  


How do the best scrollsawyers work, and what kinds of designs do they like to use? Wood magazine has gathered its finest techniques and projects in a pattern collection that any woodworker will treasure. Take these 80 patterns of animals and autos, birds and buildings, people and places and either follow the projects exactly as shown, incorporate the designs into a different piece, or do some clever mixing and matching. Choose from a selection of frames (flower, fretwork, firehouse); clocks; shelves; playtime cutouts; artistic and practical pieces (handsome hangers, a desk set); timeless trims; and many more. There’s plenty of advice on adjusting the pattern size, making them stick to the wood, choosing and using materials, keeping the equipment in top shape, and working correctly and safely.


| PDF | 192 pages | 32 Mb




Wood Toy Cars and Trucks - Quick Build Plan Sets for Table Saws


Easy and fun to make with just a table or band saw and a hand drill, Wood Toy Cars and Trucks - Quick-Build Plan Sets for Table Saws appeals to accomplished woodworkers as well as beginning crafters. Even the wheels are cleverly made from cutting dowels. The book contains 20 full-size, easy to make patterns. With a little pre-planning you can make the entire set in just a few days. If you want to make some extra money selling your toys, you can quickly build multiples of one toy by gang running each part.* The toys are ideal for an assembly line construction. The toys combine to create an imaginative play set that’s guaranteed to be a hit. Whether you use exotic woods or inexpensive pine that’s stained and buffed by following the step-by-step instructions you can complete the entire set over a weekend. The plans also provide a wonderful child and parent building activity.


| PDF | 85 pages | 36 Mb




Woodburning with Style - Pyrography Lessons, Patterns, and Projects with a Modern Flair


Informative and inspirational, this manual teaches the craft of pyrography the art of decorating wood with the use of a burning tool. Each chapter presents a specific skill that culminates in a finished project, such as decorated napkin rings, coasters, bookmarks, trinket boxes, and frames. From making basic marks to creating intricate designs, this guide offers step-by-step instruction, helpful photographs, and dozens of patterns, including alphabet fonts. Additional chapters on lettering, projects for children, realistic portraits, personalized gifts, and color integration are also included


| PDF | 208 pages | 50 Mb




125 Wood Clock Patterns.   


The bestselling 101 Wooden Clock Patterns gets a welcome expansion, adding superb new designs with sparkling full-color images. There's a clock project for every space and style. For the kids' room, pick one that features bunnies, lambs, or little pigs. For the kitchen, make a clock shaped like a hamburger, potato basket, or other food or cooking theme. To reward yourself for your handiwork, display a clock with a tool theme in your workshop. For the family room or den, choose a country or western theme such as a perched eagle or leaping trout, as well as themes from sports, cars and trucks, and religious and inspirational themes. Basic fully-illustrated instructions demonstrate cutting, finishing, painting, and inserting clock parts.


| PDF | 120 pages | 69 Mb ! 18




Masterful Woodturning  

Эта книга для любителей деревообработки объединяет в себе три различных технологии: выпиливание, резьба и токарная обработка. С помощью этих основополагающих технологий можно делать очень необычные и бесценные вещи. Цветная иллюстрированная книга вдохновляет экспериментировать, исследовать и наслаждаться результатами!


For the advanced turner, here are 33 projects (see below,) most of them with extensive technical notes on their non-standard operations and cross-section line drawings.The techniques include split turnings, multi-axis turning, turning combined with carving and scroll saw, lidded vessels, and assemblages. Along the way Roberts offers much helpful advice on his lifetime hobby.


| 164 Pages | PDF | 51 MB | 14




Scroll Saw Workbook (2nd Edition)  

Это издание Джона Нельсона включает в себя 15 моделей для выпиливания, и предлагает при помощи 25 несложных проектов (орнаменты, канцелярские принадлежности, силуэты животных и птиц, корзинки, пазлы) освоить шаг за шагом искусство выпиливания и интарсии.


John Nelson has taught hundreds of students how to quickly and safely use the scroll saw to make practical and beautiful projects. Now it's your turn!
Inside this book, you'll find everything you need to know, boiled down to the best and simplest methods.
In each of the 25 chapters, you'll learn a specific skill, practice it and then use that skill to make an attractive project. As you progress, each chapter builds upon the previous skills you've learned. By the time you've completed the book, you'll be ready to tackle any scroll saw project with experience and confidence.


| 92 Pages | PDF | 58 MB | 13




Realistic Construction Models You Can Build  

Миниатюрные модели строиельной техники из дерева


Making small-scale wooden models of large earth-moving construction vehicles can be done easily using the patterns and common shop tools described in these pages. Eight models featuring movable parts are presented and explained: loader, dozer, dozer loader, excavator, grader, skidder, grapple skidder, and backhoe. Complete assembly drawings for each of the eight toys make these projects simple and fun for adults to create. Drawings show the entire process, from building the wheelbase to adding the buckets. Full-size cutting templates can be used to make the projects exactly as they are shown or altered to create new vehicles. A parts list makes it easy for the hobbyist to gather all the materials needed for construction and assembly.


| 171 Pages | PDF | 69 MB | 16




Big Book of Christmas Ornaments and Decorations: 38 Favorite Projects and Patterns  


Favorite projects from the pages of Scroll Saw Woodworking & Crafts, compiled into one big, easy-to-use book of inspriation and projects. Includes fretwork, compound-cut, intarsia, and inlay projects ranging from ornaments, wreaths and Santas to portraits and candleholders.


| 160 Pages | PDF | 58 MB | 19




Custom Wooden Boxes for the Scroll Saw


This compendium of wooden-box projects makes this high-end art form accessible to scrollers of all skill levels. An overview of tools, wood, and blade choices provides fundamental information to get any scroller started. Step-by-step instructions for jewelry and music boxes demonstrate box-making basics that apply to all scroll-saw models. Designs for fret, inlay, and relief lids and compound handles provide an elaborate array of decorative choices. An additional 23 projects are detailed with ready-to-use patterns and finished photographs from multiple angles.


| 104 Pages | PDF | 57 MB | 12




Scroll Saw Fretwork Techniques and Projects


Learn how anyone can master every intricate turn and cut with these clear, how-to directions and over 550 step-by-step photos and drawings. Also, full-color patterns for 32 projects including: letters and signs, silhouettes and household objects, scrolled mantelpieces, door jambs, balustrades and much more.


| 207 Pages | PDF | 61 MB | 15




Making Vintage Aircraft in Wood


A collection of simple-to-make aerial classics: 37 in all, with to easy-to-follow directions and close-up step-by-step photographs and plans. Choose from the lighter-than-air L'Entreprenant balloon, the F-100 Supersabre, the Wright Flyer from the dawn of flight, the Sopwith Camel or Fokker Triplane from World War 1, the German Stuka Dive-bomber, P-38 Lightning or classic B-17 Flying Fortress from World War 2 - and a whole host of others.


| 128 Pages | PDF | 64 MB | 20




Great American Scrollsaw Patterns Volume 3


В этой книге можно встретить проекты на любой вкус и для различной обстановки - дикая природа, викторианские мотивы, религиозные, и праздничные более 35 изделий, сопровождаемые инструкциями, также имеются и фотографии готовых изделий. Книга подходит как для начинающих, так и для опытных мастеров.


| 85 Pages | PDF | 68 MB | 01






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CUBE T8 Ultimate 4G, 3G планшет MTK8783, 8 ядер, 1300 мГц,

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