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Build Your Own CNC Machine

ЧПУ-станок своими руками


Build Your Own CNC Machine is the perfect book for hobbyists who like to build and create using wood and metal. It's especially for those who have ever been foiled by lack of specific parts to help realize their creative designs. Build Your Own CNC Machine is also an excellent choice for organizations such as scouting and church groups, school shop classes, and so forth, as it provides an educational project of modest cost that all can work on together


| 350 pages | PDF | 10,5 MB





Build Your Own Home Office Furniture

Руководство по изготовлению мебели своими руками. 13 проектов для самостоятельной постройки.


It is tempting, especially for those familiar with wood and tools, to try to build a functional piece of furniture. In one word, don't--until you use a beginning how-to book and then turn to Proulx's latest guide. This woodworking expert is no stranger to the art of crafts writing; after such titles as How to Build Classic Garden Furniture and Smart Shelving and Storage Solutions, he's now put together a home office workshop in print (with some help from Jim Stack, editor of Popular Woodworking) featuring 14 "must have" projects. Detailed directions include two types of cutting lists, hardware and supplies, 3-D illustrations of each component and how they fit together, tips (for instance, make sure drawers are one inch smaller in width than the cabinet's inside dimensions), construction notes (information about possible variations and additions), and photographic step-by-step instructions. What's more, he starts by building modules--laminate tabletop, file and storage drawers, desktop organizers--and graduates to such projects as an office bookcase and a writing desk. Suppliers and sources appended


| 132 pages | PDF | 15 MB





Build Your Own Kitchen Cabinets

Делаем кухонную мебель своими руками.


Practical information on kitchen design which makes kitchen cabinetmaking accessible to woodworkers of all skill levels, this volume walks the reader through the stages of planning, design, construction and installation and features a range of cabinetry and a full-colour gallery of kitchen design.

| 138 pages | PDF | 9 MB





Building Cabinet Doors & Drawers

Двери для шкафов и ящиков всех стилей и конструкций Вы найдете в этой виртуальной энциклопедии. Кроме того, все традиционные методы по изготовлению мебели, пазовые соединения и многое другое. Книга хорошо иллюстирована.


Here is a virtual encyclopedia of cabinet door and drawer styles and instruction for designing, constructing, and installing them. Slab, MDF, simulated and true raised panel, frame and panel, arched frame and panel, mitered panel, cope and stick, glass, and tambour: all of these types of cabinet doorsand the drawers to matchare illustrated and explained with step-by-step construction notes and measurements. In addition, all of the common methods of joinery, such as dowels, biscuits, splines, miters, dadoes, tongue and groove, and mortise and tenons are explained and illustrated


| 113 pages | PDF | 24,4 MB





Building Small Projects

Строительство малых проектов поможет приобрести Вам навыки работы с инструментом и деревом. Наглядный справочник для плотников любого уровня.


Building Small Projects offers ways to build skills by completing useful items. From the editors of Fine Woodworking—the dream team of woodworking professionals—this is the ultimate visual reference for woodworkers of every skill level.


| 154 pages | PDF | 25,8 MB





Building Woodshop Workstations

Хотите создать свою мастерскую - эта книга для вас. В книге описанно как создать столярную мастерскую с верстаком, полками, стелажами и полезными приспособлениями облегчающими работу, все проекты с подробными описаниями, чертежами и фотографиями


Whether they're fighting cramped quarters or just looking to be more organized, woodworkers will want to get their hands on the 11 projects in Building Woodshop Workstations. Inside, readers will find detailed plans for building completely self-contained units for every tool (and related accessories) in their shop. These efficient designs ensure that all the wrenches, blades, jigs and attachments for each power tool can be put in one place and within arm's reach. It's the perfect way to maximize efficiency for everything from the table saw and drill press to the miter saw and sharpening stone. Both beginning and advanced woodworkers will enjoy making and using these creative shop solutions. Every project includes clear step-by-step photos and instruction.


| 126 pages | PDF | 38,6 MB





Bungalow Style - Creating Classic Interiors In Your Arts And Crafts Home

Фотоальбом - интерьеры домов в стиле "бунгало"


The classic American bungalow is as popular today as when introduced in the Victorian era. Bungalow Style pictures a wide variety of interior details and describes how to add or restore elements that suggest a historic flair while keeping the home comfortable and functional. Common problems such as integrating modern conveniences or gaining needed space are also addressed


| 186 pages | PDF | 11,8 MB





Cabinets And Countertops

Столы и столешницы. Для профессиональных строителей и мбициозных домовладельцев. Целевая аудитория этой книги - профессиональные строители, генеральные подрядчики, и те, кто занимается реконструкцией на профессиональном уровне.


"Cabinets & Countertops," the latest book in the "For Pros By Pros "series, is the best field-tested residential construction information for professional builders and remodelers and ambitious homeowners. Articles will be selected from "Fine Homebuilding "magazine, the country’s top residential construction magazine. Taunton’s "For Pros By Pros" series is a category leader; these are the best-built books for builders. The intended audience for this book includes professionals (small scale builders, general contractors, and remodeling contractors looking for professional-level results and practical, expert advice) and ambitious, experienced DIYers.


| 164 pages | PDF | 75 MB





Canadian Log Building

Справочник по строительству канадского сруба. (бревенчатого дома)


The Handbook of Canadian Log Building, is designed for use by anyone in the log building industry: a once-in-a-lifetime builder, or the professional, hand-crofted log builder using these skills to earn a living. It is meant to be a reference book as well for building authorities and teaching institutions who must make it their business to become familiar with the latest techniques of the trade


| 148 pages | PDF | 7,8 MB





Canadian Wood-Frame House Construction

Это наиболее полный, легкий в использовании справочник для строительства деревянных каркасных домов. Книга содержит таблицы, иллюстрации.


This handy reference book walks you through the complete construction of a wood frame house, from excavation to the finishing touches. It is updated to the current edition of the National Building code.
This is the most comprehensive, easy-to-use reference book for the construction of wood-frame houses. Canadian Wood-Frame House Construction features illustrations tables, plan ahead notes, healthy housing insights to minimize and protect occupants and environment.


| 321 pages | PDF | 44,5 MB





Chainsaw Lumbermaking

В книге описываются несколько приспособлений для бензопилы. С их помощью можно разделать дерево на доски прямо на лесопилке, сделать криволинейные резы, резы под углом. Вся технология очень хорошо иллюстрирована фотографиями


If you've ever had trouble finding the lumber you need, or wanted to build something with your own trees, Chainsaw Lumbermaking is the book you've been waiting for. Will Malloff tells you everything you need to know to turn a chinsaw into a lumbermill: how to modify the chainsaw and make numerous accessories for milling, how to use the equipment in the woods, and even how to cut burls, shape ovals and mill natural knees for boatbuilding.


| 224 pages | PDF | 39 MB





Chairs - A History

Книга о стульях - развитии, видах и т.д.


The book is about the chairs - the development, types, etc.


| PDF | 40,4 MB



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